Bul Cherokee Pistols

Bul Cherokee pistols are a winning 9mm pistol design known for their reliability, ruggedness, accuracy and ease of use, are all features that a combat-operative or a law abiding citizen looks for on his next service / carry pistol, and that is exactly what the BUL CHEROKEE pistols deliver – plain and simple.

There are four basic CHEROKEE models that deliver these features by offering a Simple DA/SA mechanism, supreme raw materials, excellent non-slippery grip and ergonomics, high magazine capacity and light weight. In addition, the CHEROKEE models provide advanced adaptability to various accessories such as tactical light/laser, a retractable stock, and many other accessories available with our gun upgrade kits.

These Bul Cherokee pistols that we are offering are NEW and not military or police surplus.  They include a case, two magazines, cleaning kit and an owner’s manual.


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