Galil Sniper Rifle – Galatz

The Galatz is the Galil sniper rifle that was developed by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) and introduced into the IDF in 1983. The Galil Galatz is not a sniper rifle in the purest sense, but rather a designated marksman rifle. It is designed to be issued to a designated marksman in a rifle squad, in order to extend the overall range, firepower, and accuracy of that formation, as opposed to traditional sniping missions.  It is also great for law enforcement uses especially for SWAT teams.  The rifle is a sniper modification of the Galil assault rifle allowing only semi-automatic shooting, a heavy target-style barrel with flash-hider and threads to accept an optional silencer, and a magazine of 20 rounds that can be interchangeable with US Colt ones.  Older versions are made of a wood buttstock with a special cheek rest and handguard, newer versions are with no wood but with polymer and an adjustable length buttstock.  The Galatz comes with built-in folding special Harris bipod which can also be used for cutting barbed wires like other Galils.  The Galatz sniper rifle is originally mounted with a Nimrod Scope of 6X40 magnification or 10X40 magnification.

Galil Galatz sniper rifle specifications

Caliber:7.62 mm
Cartridge type: 7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Win)
Overall length: 111.5 cm
Barrels length: 50.8 cm
Practical rate of fire: 10 – 20 rpm
Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
Range of effective fire (without an optical sight): 600 m

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