Gun Upgrade Kits

Contact International Ltd. offers complete gun upgrade kits for almost every popular firearm in the market.  Upgrade your old and standard firearm by taking out wood, metal and other parts and changing them with state of the art firearm accessories.  Make your weapon lighter and able to have attached picatinny rails, mounted scopes, flashlights, laser pointers, bipods, and also special buttstocks that allow folding, adjustable cheek rests and more.

These gun upgrade kits include mostly polymer and aluminum accessories such as new and improved buttstocks, hand grips, rail systems (picatinny), front and back iron sights, scope mounts, cocking handles, sling rings, flashlight mounts, magazines, bipods, and many more.

The firearm upgrade kits are divided into three general levels: infantry, special forces and sniper, each with its own unique set of accessories especially suited for his role in the battlefield or a fun day at the shooting range.

We provide gun upgrade kits for assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and sniper rifles for the following firearms:

M4/M15 upgrade kits

M203 upgrade kit

AK47/AK74/AKM/AKMS/VZ58 upgrade kits

Galil upgrade kits

Uzi and Mini-Uzi upgrade kits

Ruger 10/22 upgrade kit

Tavor upgrade kit

FN FAL upgrade kit

H&K G3 upgrade kit

H&K 33 upgrade kit

H&K MP5 upgrade kit

Sig Sauer 551 upgrade kit

Remington 870 upgrade kit

Mossberg 500 upgrade kit

Dragunov upgrade kit

SR25 upgrade kit

Pistol upgrade kits for Glock (Gen 1-3), Beretta 92, Sig Sauer 226, 1911s, Jericho and many others.

The photos in the gallery are just a sample of what can be done to firearms using the upgrading kits available.

The sale of these accessories is by the whole kit ONLY!  We will not sell gun accessories separately!

Some accessories such as scopes, sights and flashlighs are sold as extras to the kit.

Gun upgrade kits can be sold WITH the firearm itself (depending on client’s licensing and permits).  The firearms provided may be new or from military surplus.


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