M19A1 Ammo Cans .30 Caliber

M19A1 Ammo Cans in as brand new condition, never been used, for 30 caliber belt fed ammunition. These M19A1 ammo cans are according to US and NATO specs for 7.62 ammunition cans.
NSN: 8140-00-828-2939
The M19A1 ammunition boxes are defined by MIL-DTL-3060F (drawing number 7553315 – Box, Ammunition, M19A1 Assembly)

  • The ammunition boxes were produced by Bway, USA in 2009.
  • Ammunition boxes meet U.S. Department of Defense and international military specifications and testing requirements.
  • Products comply with all applicable U.S. and NATO military specifications.
  • Covers have convenient drop down handles and are removable and re-sealable for easy access and reuse.
  • Stackable ammunition boxes are individually tested for air and water tightness.2400 units available in olive drab.  No writing on them.

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