Monadnock Police Batons PR24 Models

Monadnock British Police surplus batons available in the thousands.  These batons are direct from the surplus inventory of the British Police manufactured by Monadnock Lifetime Products Inc. in New Hampshire USA between 1999 and 2012.  We have two models of police batons available:

Monadnock PR24 STS Rigid Batons
PR24-STS polycarbonate police baton with thumb stop. 1000’s available of the 24 inch (61cm) long rigid solid baton, packed and ready for export. All in used condition.

Monadnock PR24 XTS Expandable Batons
PR24-XTS side handled batons with thumb stops.  1000’s of batons available.  24 Inch (61cm) extendable.  On bulk purchase we are supplying a full set of spare rubber o-rings for each baton. These police batons are packed and ready for export. All in used condition.


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