Night Vision Optics


Night vision optics are key to any night mission that a soldier or any other operator needs in order to successfully complete his/her task.  We currently have available military surplus night vision optics that consist of monocles and binoculars, in their original case and hardly ever used.

The night vision optics are made by Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. in Israel.

The monocle is a model named RANTEL PI-06M-3 and it is a multi-functional, high performance, modular, hand-held, passive night vision mini-monocular, based on the concept that the independent use of each eye maximizes the ability to operate under low-light conditions.

The binoculars are the Boxer-2 PI-05-2 model.  This Night Vision Binocular (NVB) offers a high-resolution image in a lightweight, single-tube binoculars configuration. The BOXER enables Automatic switching-off in flip-up position and an automatic switching-off when illumination is more than 1 LUX.

There are 113 units of the monocles and 3 of the binoculars.
We are interested in selling the whole lot all at once.

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