Nimrod Sniper Scopes

The Nimrod sniper scope is manufactured in Japan by a subsidiary of Koor Industries, an Israeli firm.
Originally issued for Israeli snipers using the Galil and M14 rifles.
We have two types of scopes in our inventory: one is 6X40 magnification and the other is 10X40 magnification.
The scope tube is black anodized aluminum.
These sniper scopes that we have are partly from military surplus and partly from old IMI and IWI used items.
They do not come with gun mounts (although one is shown in the photo).
Some come in their original box with accessories in very good to excellent condition.
The Nimrod sniper scopes are an excellent military optical system which meets the requirements at all levels whether for military, law enforcement, hunters or shooting enthusiasts.

The Nimrod scopes in the original IWI case are no longer available.  We will try to get more due to high demand.

Update (22nd of March, 2017)

All Nimrod scopes are currently sold out.

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