RPG-7 Launchers

The RPG-7 inventory that we have is a mix of Russian and Bulgarian made weapons in very good to excellent condition from IDF surplus.  These RPG-7’s are mostly captured weapons from terrorist organizations that were later used by the Israel military in training and operations.  The RPG’s are mostly no longer in service in the IDF which uses today more sophisticated and high tech anti-tank shoulder fired missiles such as the improved M-72 Law, B-300 Shifon, Matador, BGM-71 TOW, Spike, Tamuz and many more.  We can also offer the optics for the RPG-7.


  • Original Manufacturer: Bazalt Russia
  • Weight: 7 Kg (15 pounds)
  • Length: 50 cm (37.4 in)
  • Caliber: 40 mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 15 m/second
  • Effective Firing Range: 200 m – 300 m (218 yards – 328 yards)
  • Maximum Firing Range: about 920 m (1000 yards)
  • Rocket self explodes after 4.5 seconds of firing.
  • Uses: anti-tank, anti-vehicles, anti-personnel, as artilery and anti-aircraft, especialy low flying helicopters,anti-installations and more.  Effective use on those targets depends on the types of rockets in use, and there is a variety.


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The RPG is the most popular re-loadable, shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, re-coilless anti-tank and anti-personnel rocket propelled grenade launcher in the world ever since its original creation in 1961.  It is estimated that over 9 million units have been made since.  The Israel Defense Forces has stocks of RPG’s mainly from captured shipments and raids of terrorist groups.  The first RPG’s used by the IDF were from captured stocks of Arab militaries during the wars, given to them by the Soviets, and most recently from captured arms shipment from Iran to terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon.  For example the Seizing of the Karin A ship by Israeli military forces in 2002.  See the following video to view the amount of weapons seized:

View this following video to learn how the RPG-7 works: