Soltam M-71 Howitzer

The M-71 artillery howitzer is a 155 mm 39 caliber towed cannon manufactured by Soltam Systems, Israel.  The M-71 is based on the M-68 and uses the same recoil system, breech and carriage. The first prototype was completed in 1974 and first production units the following year. The main differences between the M-71 and the M-68 are that the M-71 has a longer 155 mm/39 caliber barrel and is fitted with a compressed air driven rammer.  These systems permit rapid loading at all angles of elevation. The rechargeable cylinder for the M-71 howitzer is mounted on the right trail.

Soltam M-71 artillery specifications:

  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Caliber: 155mm
  • Range of fire: 23.5 Km
  • Rate of fire: 5 shells per minute
  • Crew: up to 8
  • Types of armament: high explosives, smoke illumination

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