Tactical Helmets

Tactical helmets of the highest quality for military and police applications for providing the best protection for your head no matter what your mission is.  We provide mostly Israeli and American made helmets that have been manufactured according to the highest standards and have been combat proven in different environments and situations around the globe.  The most popular tactical helmets that we provide are PASGT (Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops), MICH (Mudular Integrated Communications), ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet), and police riot helmets with face shield.  Additional combat helmets that we provide are for pilots and aircrews, special forces and more.

The ballistic combat helmets provide protection from pistols and assault rifle ammunition, shell fragments, and hard hits.  The new helmets that we provide are made in accordance to NIJ standards of ballistic resistance of body armor by the US National Institute of Justice and Israeli, American and NATO military specifications that are adhered to worldwide.  The NIJ standards state certain levels of protection according to the caliber of the ammunition that the ballistic protection of the helmets can resist.  Furthermore they can be fitted with special mounts for night vision goggles and other accessories necessary for increasing vision quality, accuracy and other needs.

In addition to newly manufactured ballistic helmets we also provide military surplus helmets from militaries around the world such as American M1 helmets used in World War 2 and Vietnam, Israeli combat helmets used in various wars and conflicts, and other combat helmets from Italy, the former Czechoslovakia, Poland and others.

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