Uzi Pro Pistol

The Uzi Pro Pistol is the most advanced and modern Uzi on the market today.  The magazine housing is located in the pistol grip, making the magazine replacement in the dark much more simple.  The ones that we have for sale are military surplus only and are sold as is in semi-auto only.


  • Length: 52.9 cm (20.82 inches) long or 30 cm (11.81 inches) long with the stock folded.
  • Barrel length: 15.2 cm (5.98 inches).
  • Rate of fire (automatic): 1050 rounds per minute.
  • Weight: 2.32 kg (about 5.11 pounds)
  • Magazine capacity: 25 rounds.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 380 meters/second (1246 feet/second).
  • Blowback operation.
  • Integrated jump compensator (on barrel).
  • Two modes of operation: Semi-Automatic or automatic.  There is a semi-auto model and a full auto model.  We carry at the moment only the semi-auto model.
  • Integral picatinny rail mount on the receiver cover.
  • Additional rail for mounting electro-optic or laser pointing devices under the barrel.

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The Uzi Pro main advantages are:

  • Very small and compact ergonomic design.
  • Firing from closed bolt for maximum accuracy.
  • Integrated jump compensator (on barrel).
  • Has 4 integral picatinny rails for optical sights \ accessories
  • Has 3 safety mechanisms:
    1. Manual safety
    2. Grip Safety (must be fully depressed before the gun is cocked or fired).
    3. Firing Pin Blocker (close bolt version).
  • Bottom part is made completely from polymer for reduced weight.
  • Silencer option (rapid assembly).
  • Simple maintenance – no special tools required for disassembly.
  • Easy to use by right or left handed user

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