Demilled M-16’s (M4A4) shipped to a movie studio for a war movie

Demilled original firearms and weapons, also called inert firearms or deactivated firearms, are made especially for decoration or other non-firing uses such as for movies.  Contact International provides such products for its worldwide customers who wish to have a functioning firearm that is simply unable to fire live rounds or no rounds at all depending on the local laws and regulations.  Some countries require that demilled weapons must have a cut off firing pin, other require the barrel to be welded from inside so that nothing can pass through it, others require the trigger mechanism and the receiver to not work and so on.  In the US some of the restrictions on demilled firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) require that the weapon will not be able to be readily restored and thus by getting some new spare parts be able to function as a shooting weapon.  Furthermore the ATF publishes minimally acceptable standards on how to properly destroy firearms in order for them to be no longer legally considered a weapon.  Once inert, weapons are often made into “parts kits” which may or may not come with the components that were “destroyed” in the demilling procedure. Any firearm that has not been demilled properly according to regulations is subject to confiscation by the ATF at a minimum. It has happened before where companies have shipped parts kits that were not properly demilled. The Demilled weapons that we can provide vary from assault rifles to RPG’s and mortars, shotguns, rifles and more.  All demilling is done according to the regulations of the country where the firearms are sent to.

Who buys from us demilled firearms and weapons? Mostly gun collectors and enthusiasts, but also many fight scene coordinators and special effects people seeking movie, TV and film props.  The weapons and firearms that you see in war movies or other action movies are either modified to shoot only blanks or deactivated completely according to the local laws.  Inert products that we can provide are dummy rounds and armament for rifle grenades, RPG rockets, land mines, tank training ordnance rounds, grenades and more.  These inert weapons allow soldiers and law enforcement officers to train and rehearse for their missions and prepare for action.  Some gun collectors who wish to have demilled firearms just displayed on the wall also benefit from this service.  In Israel for example, in recent years, it has been available for parents, or next of kin of fallen soldiers, to get his personal weapon and have it displayed on the wall after demilled properly in memory.

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