Israeli made mini uzi sub-machine gunIsraeli military equipment from surplus or completely new is what Contact International Ltd. provides its worldwide clientele.  Our close and tight connections to the Israel Ministry of Defense, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), and to the leading Israeli military and defense industries and companies, have allowed us, in our over 35 years of operation, to supply almost every military equipment and firearms asked for by our clients.  The Israeli army equipment that we provide, both surplus and new, range from ammunition, Israeli gas masks, military wool blankets to Israeli firearms, military vehicles and surplus aircraft.

The Israeli military is basically using Israeli and American made equipment since the early days of the establishment of the state.  American made military equipment has had a crucial role since Israel’s war of independence in 1948 as American tanks, vehicles, firearms and aircraft were shipped to Israel from American military surplus equipment in Europe following the end of World War 2.  Some of the American military equipment used by the young Israel Defense Forces were the M4 Sherman tank, M3 half-track, B-17 Flying Fortress plane, P-51 Mustang fighter, M1 Garand carbine, M1 Thompson, Browning and Louis machine guns just to name a few.  Most of the other Israeli military equipment was gotten in one way or another from Europe and from the local Israeli military industries.  From then on, the special bond between Israel and the US has led Israeli military equipment to be one of the most advanced in the world.  Almost all US military equipment sent to Israel has been modified and equipped with Israeli made military equipment in order to better adapt the item to the local uses in the battlefield.  Examples of this can be seen in the F16 and F15 fighter jets, the Magach tank which was based on the M48 and M60 Patton, the Machbet based on the M163 and many more examples.

Israeli sniper with IWI Dan .338 sniper rifleSince the Israeli military is either in battle or training for battle, it is one of the most battle proven militaries in the world and as such it is often in the forefront of military technological innovations.  Many of today’s weapon systems used by American and other armies were first tried by the Israeli military which later sent back feedbacks for further development.  This has ensured that Israeli military equipment has been one of the most advanced and battle proven, ensuring the protection of the soldier together with deadlines for the enemy.

Our company can provide Israeli military equipment from surplus and new, as well as equipment from other worldwide militaries.  We specialize in Israeli military firearms and weapons such as Uzi, Galil, Tavor, Jericho and Negev as well as tactical vests, helmets, Israeli military blankets, camouflage nets, rifle scopes and accessories and many more items for equipping military units, law enforcement departments, homeland security agencies and also for civilian shooting enthusiasts, survivalists, army-navy store owners or gun collectors.  We can also offer a large variety of armored vehicles and tanks, helicopters and fighter jets and other aircraft right from Israeli military surplus for sale either as whole items or for spare parts.

In addition to Israeli military and police surplus we also deal with US, British, Czech and other surplus equipment from militaries from around the world.  There is practically no item that we can’t provide our clients which range from importers, wholesalers and distributors to army-navy stores.

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