The Israel Ministry of Defense has announced that the surplus inventory of Uzi wood stock sub-machine guns is almost done.  We have just bought one of the last lots that will ever be available of the Uzi sub-machine gun with wood buttstock.  We have 500 pieces and we are interested in selling them all in one shipment if possible.

Uzi Wood Stock







In addition we have in inventory 100 Mini Uzi‘s in working condition.

mini uzi sub machine gun







To those of you who are looking for special items we have 3 Galil sniper rifles, named Galatz.
Two are an all black sniper rifle made with a polymer hand grip and hand guard.
The other is an older model made with a wooden hand grip and hand guard.  All three come with Nimrod Scopes.  These are unique Galil sniper rifles.  They are semi-automatic, they come also with bi-pods, and simply look great!

Galil sniper rifle - Galatz






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