Movies have portrayed wars, battles and armed conflicts ever since the beginning of motion pictures at the start of the 20th century more than one hundred years ago.  One of the first ever blockbuster war movies was D.W Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation that came out in 1915 and told the story of two families during the American Civil War.  From that time on war movies have been made on a constant basis worldwide, and arming the actors has become a very lucrative business for those few who had such a large knowledge of firearms, edged weapons, armored vehicles, tanks and aircraft, and where to get them from so that they fit the war period being filmed.

Chuck Norris with two UzisAlmost all movies depicting wars, battles or other armed conflicts, or even individual fight scenes, rarely produce the weapons, rather they purchase them from companies like ours and others around the world.  Are you looking to equip actors for a World War Two movie? We can provide original tanks such as American Shermans and German Panzers, firearms such as M1 carbines, Lugers, Mausers, all original.  Or maybe you are filming a Vietnam war movie?  We can provide M16A1’s, AK47’s (the Chinese version for extra authenticity), DShK machine guns and more.  If you would like to incorporate Israeli firearms that always look great in movies than we are your best source!  We have Uzi sub-machine guns, Galil and Tavor assault rifles in various models, Jericho pistols that always look great on screen and many more.

Since all of the surplus firearms that we provide are operational, we make them blank firing guns or in a more professional term make them demiled guns or inert guns, so that they actually fire and operate regularly but they are able to shoot only blanks.  The process of making a firearms  blank firing guns involves welding the inside of the barrel so that no projectile can come out in case a live round is put in the magazine.  With all of that done, gun safety on set, typically supervised by the movie armorer or weapons specialist, is always in the top priority.  All guns are lethal when not used properly and when individuals do not abide by gun safety rules put in place.  The Israeli military has two sayings that pertain to gun safety: one – even a broom can shoot, meaning that even if you think that a gun is empty or not able to shoot, it will shoot when you least expect it.  Two – orders and rules are written in blood, meaning that orders and rules have been set forth because of gun safety procedures that were not followed and people got killed.  The movie guns that we provide are not really props, they are real firearms that can shoot.  If the blank firing movie gun is a semi-automatic or fully automatic firearms they load, eject, and re-load ammunition like any other real gun.  A blank firing gun, although having its barrel welded shut, still ejects fire, shrapnel, gases and other matter when fired, and thus it should never be directly pointing at anyone.  Furthermore the ammunition that is used is with less gun powder grains than a regular bullet since only a bang is needed and not firing a projectile.

Movie prop guns and firearms are put in three main categories: blank firing guns, replica guns, non-guns.  I wrote about blank firing guns above.
Replica guns are firearms made of plastic, rubber or metal that look identical to real guns.  They do not fire or operate as real guns.  They can be defined is a very real looking toy gun.  We offer these replica guns as rifles, assault rifles and pistols.  They look very real and also have a feature that allows a magazine to be released.
Non Guns are electronically-powered props that are used in movies, television or theatre when blank firing guns are deemed unsafe for the stuntmen and stuntwomen or actors but a bang is still needed.  The electronically-operated non gun discharges a small explosive that makes a flash and produces smoke to imitate a real gun firing.  There are no moving parts besides the trigger, no shell casing is ejected, which make the non guns safer than the others but with one disadvantage, they look fake.  Non guns are usually fake looking and act more or less as hi-tech cap guns.  We do not carry those.

Contact International Ltd. is your source for real blank firing guns and excellent quality replica guns for movies, television shows, theatre, war reenactments and also for self defense classes or courses.  Our wide selection of demiled firearms: revolvers, pistols, rifles, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, fully automatic machine guns, anti-tank shoulder fired missile launchers, mortars are all at your request.  We have replica guns and knives for movies as props that can be custom made for your needs.

If you are a movie props company, weapons specialist, movie armorer or stunt man, we would be glad if you contact us for your next project.

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