prop guns for moviesContact International Ltd. is well known as a firearms supplier to gun importers, wholesalers, distributors, gun shops and gun collectors, as well as to military and police units around the world.  Whether from our own inventory or through our business partners, we can supply almost any weapon, new or military surplus, to our worldwide clientele.  Some of our clients are movie armorers in charge of supplying firearms to movies either as prop guns or demiled guns and we have written about the difference between those in our post titled “Blank Firing Guns and Movie Guns” and also in “Demiled Firearms and Weapons“.

We can provide fully functional firearms, from small caliber pistols to 0.5 caliber machine guns, RPGs, and also armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets from Air Force surplus, all depending on the rules and regulations in the end users’s country.  If needed we can have the firearms demiled and made to only shoot blanks by having the barrel blocked.  We can provide realistic looking firearms such as assault rifles and pistols made of a plastic polymer making the guns look as real as can get.  These replica guns also have moving parts such as a moving buttstock and the option of releasing a magazine.

In addition to our prop guns and other guns for movies we can also supply new military and police gear and equipment such as helmets, combat vests, armored plates, full body protection gear, uniforms, sniper scopes, gun accessories, military tents and other military surplus equipment.

We work with movie armorers from around the world, from Los Angeles and Berlin to Oakland New Zealand.  If you are a movie armorer, armourer or weapons co-oridnator, weaponogropher, firearms consultant, or master weapons armorer, we would love to work with you on your next movie project.

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