The following is a list of our available military surplus inventory of equipment, gear, magazines, accessories and various gun parts.  Before contacting us about these please take notice that we are wholesalers selling in bulk only to importers, distributors and other wholesalers.

SafariLand – XVERSE Low Profile Multi-Use Carrier vests from Safariland Body Armor.  Certified protection against ballistic threats tested to level NIJ IIIa with inserted Armor Pro 360 soft panel – brand new from a cancelled order – 890 units.















HK Germany parts for HK 416 and HK G36 rifle parts – from receivers to trigger groups, magazines,  bolts, barrels and more.  All original Heckler & Koch made in Germany.






Other items in our military surplus inventory:
FAL rifle magazine
Breda LMG model 37 8mm trays
Breda LMG model 30 6.5mm magazines
Breda LMG model 30 6.5mm recoil springs
Breda LMG model 30 6.5mm bolt without firing pin
Breda LMG model 30 6.5mm barrels
Breda LMG model 30 8mm barrels
Bren LMG magazines
Dror LMG magazines
DP machine gun pan magazines
Galil Galatz sniper 7.62×51 magazine – IWI new model
Galil Galatz sniper 7.62×51 magazine – IMI old model
Galil Ace 5.56×45 – new model
Galil Ace 5.56×45 – old model
FN M1949 rifle magazines
HK G3 rifle magazines
M1919 30 cal machine gun handles
M1919 receiver cover catch
M1919 and M2 various mount pins
VZ58 steel 30 round magazines
VZ58 magazine pouches
VZ58 rifle slings
M16 polymer, 30 round magazine, brand new

For photos of some of the items please click on military surplus gun parts.

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