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Contact International Ltd. was established in 1979 and is located in the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Originally founded as an ammunition recycling and reloading company named Kalia (bullet), Contact International Limited is now one of the major trading companies in Israel specializing in military surplus firearms (and police) and equipment from Israel and around the world.  The company deals in wholesale military surplus firearms, ammunition and equipment, selling directly to importers and distributors around the world.  The company provides a variety of products and services to military units, homeland security and law enforcement agencies, governments, firearm importers and distributors, gun shops, army-navy stores, collectors and movie armorers.

Most of our sales are from our own inventory or from IDF inventory that is directly available to us. 

We seldom act as a go-between but we do so if necessary,

Zev Kaptowsky, ,Founder of Contact International Ltd

The products that we currently offer are:
  • Firearms – handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, light to heavy machine guns.
  • Ammunition – surplus and new NATO and Russian calibers.
  • Military surplus equipment: tents, military and civilian gas masks, combat gear vests, camouflage nets, blankets, magazine pouches, slings, elbow pads and more.
  • Artillery – 25 pounder field gun, M-71 Howitzer.
  • Armored vehicles – M113A APC in several models, Namer Merkava APC, Merkava MK4 battle tank and more.
  • Aircraft and spare parts – A-4 Skyhawk, Kfir, Tzukit, C-130 Hercules, F-16 Falcon A/B/C/D, F-15-I, AH-1 Cobra, MD-500 Defender, UH-60 Blackhawk, Bell-206 and many more.
  • Inert, replica guns and parts kits – real weapons converted to shooting only blanks or replica plastic guns that look exactly like the real thing. These are used mainly by collectors, training purposes, self defense courses, and the movie industry.  We also provide gun parts kits for spare parts or for making your very own weapon creation.
  • Helmets, anti-ballistic vests and armored plates – newly manufactured. Bullet proof helmets, tactical vests and gear, protective armored plates, all made according to international standards.
  • Weapon accessories – all newly manufactured scopes, holsters, magazines, bi-pods, pistol and fore grips, buttstocks, mounts, rails and more items that fit almost every popular pistol or rifle.

We also offer procurement services to help find for our clients items that we don’t currently have in stock.  Our vast international network of business partners and friends make it possible for us to search and locate almost any weapon, part or equipment around the world.

In recent years we have extended our operations into the importation and distribution of less lethal products to the Israeli market and we are the exclusive importers and distributors in Israel for Taser International, Inc.

The company is licensed by the Israel Ministry of Interior as dealers and importers of firearms and by the Israel Ministry of Defense as certified exporters of defense and security products.

We have our own storage facilities and hold our own inventory of firearms and military surplus from Israel and around the world, parts and accessories, personal equipment, less lethal weapons and other products.

The company has a staff of full time employees and works in cooperation with authorized subcontractors for logistical support with larger projects involving surplus equipment from the IDF.

We also have valuable experience and expertise in handling the intricacies of import and export licensing and documentation for all types of material, including the handling and shipping of dangerous goods.

Our most important asset is our excellent reputation, honesty and track record in working with our clients and suppliers whether the IDF, Israel Police and other security services or with our business partners and clients around the world.

Our word is our bond!

We hope that you will contact us for your next project of wholesale military surplus firearms, ammunition and equipment.

Zev Kaptowsky – Company Owner & Managing Director

Alon Mayer – Marketing & Business Development Director

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