• 3D targets made of corrugated  cardboard.
  • These unique 3D shooting targets come as one sheet of cardboard and according to the markings everything snaps into place and comes out.
  • The arms are connected separately from the same sheet and come holding a knife and gun.
  • The base can be filled with rocks or sand if shooting outdoors for increased stability if windy.
  • Set up is under 2 minutes.
  • Faces are printed with a three dimensional design and can provide all kinds of shooting angles.
  • These 3D shooting targets are currently being used by military and police special units with great enthusiasm.
  • Perfect for use in close quarter combat training or just a fun day at the shooting range.
  • There are two types of targets: one with 3D faces and another with a regular face and 3D body.  Parts are interchangeable between the two types.

    If you are a gun shop owner, importer or distributer this is a great new product for you to start marketing and selling.
    Product is patent and copyright protected.