We are proud to present to you the most reliable, quality made and durable Glock magazines.  These high capacity Glock magazines offer shooters the ability to shoot extended rounds from 26 rounds to 33 rounds depending on the Glock model that you have.  These high capacity Glock magazines are used by several law enforcement agencies worldwide and military units who require a magazine for harsh conditions and environments for their missions.  They are built to current production FML (Full Metal Lined) specifications that are often referred to as “Drop Free”.  This is due to a hardened steel insert which is encased in an advanced polymer.  The polymer coating protects the Glock magazine and prevents deformation from heat and if dropped from great heights.

These extended round Glock magazines are built to last!

The extended Glock magazines that we offer have a the following features:

  • Easy to load
  • Drop Free
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Heat Treated continuous sheet metal lining.
  • Small holes revealing how many rounds are left.
  • Redesigned +2 capacity floor plate
  • Lifetime consumer direct 5 year warranty

This item is sold only to importers and distributors.  We will not sell to individuals.

200 magazines minimum order quantity.

We will not ship this item to a restricted USA state due to local laws and regulations limiting magazine round capacity.  Please abide by your local gun laws before contacting us.


The extended Glock magazines that are available are:

  • 26 round capacity for 45 caliber Glock pistols
  • 31 round capacity for 40 caliber Glock pistols
  • 33 round capacity for 9 mm Glock pistols

See our high capacity Glock magazines in action.  This video will prove to you by trial of fire how stron g these magazines are as the Glock will meltdown and not the magazines which will keep on functioning with no difficulties.

Glock meltdown

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