New production made to order Military beds and cots for use in bases and other locations to get soldiers the best sleep and rest that they need with high quality steel, a sturdy and durable design, and decades of experience in the field.  These beds and cots have been used by emergency response organizations such as the UN, FEMA, World Health Organization, US Military, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and many other organizations.

The beds and cots come in a variety of models such as:

  • Special needs cots that come with a pole to hang an IV or a special hole in the bed for cholera outbreak emergency situations.
  • Beds and bunk beds for military bases, college and university dormitories, all from heavy duty steel with an epoxy powder and coated finish.
  • Folding cots for emergency situations or home use.
  • Special carts for storing folding carts for hospitals with compartments for medical supplies.
  • Folding chairs and stools for everyday use and other.

Whether looking for heavy duty military beds, bunk beds for college dorms, extra bedding for hotels or hospitals, or beds to help populations in disasters and emergency situations, we are sure that we can find the solutions for you.


Emergency response beds and cots for disaster situations for people to lie down on in emergency situations.  Also beds and cots for military use.