X95 Assault Rifle / Carbine / SMG

One Rifle, three calibers in 9mm and 5.56mm.
• Training on a single weapon
• Multitask operability
• Combined logistics

The Tavor X95 is the Special Forces firearm of the next generation that was developed in close cooperation with elite units and was tailored to their specific requirements and needs.  The Tavor X95 was created to deal with modern threats of anti-terror, urban and open area combat all one mission.

The X95 incorporates advanced technology that allows interchangeability from 5.56mm ammunition to 9mm ammunition. This leap in technology allows the fighter to use the same weapon platform for a wide array of scenarios.
This feature saves training time, spare parts and reduces overall costs

The interchangeability can be done with a silencer for all calibers, thus distinguishing itself as the ideal weapon for Special Forces dealing with complicated situations.

The Tavor X95 Characteristics:
• Bull pup configuration.
• Optimized ergonomic design.
• 30 Rds. Magazine capacity.
• Integral silencer (optional).
• Body made of high strength impact modified polymer.
• Detachable barrel.
• Integrated reflex sight attached directly on to the barrel
• Conversion from day optics to night optics is done without zeroing.
• 100% Ambidextrous.
• Has true “OTB” (over-the beach) capability.
• Designed for maximum operator and armorer level maintenance.
• Folding back-up sights that include tritium for night combat.
• Very easy field striping into 2 parts.
• 100% interchangeability.
• Has a last round stopper.
• All the metal parts of the weapon are corrosion resistant.

For more specifications go to Tavor X95 Brochure