Contact International (Kalia) Ltd. is a fully licensed company by the Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Police Department, and the Israel Ministry of Homeland Security, to deal and trade in firearms, ammunition and other military equipment.  We provide a full range of products and services to military, law enforcement, and private companies dealing in firearms, defense and security fields of business worldwide.  All of our activities are strictly regulated and inspected by the relevant governmental and police agencies and we always meet all the criteria, procedures and qualifications needed under law, in order to provide our clients with their products.

All of the products that we provide are always under legal local and international procedures, ITAR regulations when applicable, and customary business principles.

We are always glad to do business with clients worldwide who adhere to the following main points:

  1. We do not deal with private individuals in the sale of firearms. We deal only with legal business entities and agencies who have permission from their own governmental and police authorities to purchase and import firearms and other defense and security products.
  2. All clients must sign an End-User Certificate for relevant items and send us an approved import license for the goods purchased.
  3. All business deals made between us and our clients need to be finally approved by the Israel Ministry of Defense or other government entity.
  4. The sale of automatic weapons to non-military or non-law enforcement entities in the USA is illegal, unless shipped and sold within a Free Trade Zone to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and ATF Form 6 (firearms importer) holder. In most Western European countries, only semi-automatic weapons can be sold to private certified business entities and this is only if they were originally made as semi-automatics and not modified from original automatic weapons.  Sale of firearms will be done in accordance to the buyer’s local and national firearm regulations.

All inquires are welcome but please remember that we are not a retail gun shop or army-navy store, we are wholesalers of primarily military surplus firearms and equipment.
Sale is by bulk only.

Our large inventory of firearms, military equipment and gear, as well as our extensive government connections and broad supplier base from around the world, allows Contact International Ltd. to quickly and properly search, procure, pack and export your items.

For information on how we can assist you please go to: Contact Us