M163 APC armored vehicle with Vulcan gatling gun
M163 APC armored vehicle with Vulcan gatlin gun

Armored Vehicles from military surplus or newly manufactured mainly from IDF inventories and Israeli manufacturers of armored vehicles.  The vehicles we can provide are battle proven tanks, armored personnel carriers (APC’s), mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP’s), mobile artillery gun systems and more. All armoured vehicles are well built for their designated jobs in the battle field, urban surroundings or border patrol.  The armored vehicles that we can supply are either used or completely new made according to your specifications.  Our specialty are Israeli made armored vehicles such as the Merkava battle tank, IDF M-60 and the Namer Merkava APC.  We can also provide M113A APC‘s with and without M61 Vulcan gatling guns (M163), Achzarit heavy armored personnel carrier and others.

In addition to military armored vehicles we can also provide armored vehicles for homeland security and law enforcement for missions such as: border patrol, reconnaissance, riot control, rapid intervention vehicles for SWAT teams, decontamination vehicles, aircraft refueler and more. Some of the armored vehicles that we have to offer can be purchased for spare parts.

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