IWI_6220Contact International offers a huge supply of firearm parts and accessories.  Our products include: magazines and clips for various firearms, day and night scopes, spare parts and components, bipods, kits, rifle slings, holsters and whatever it takes to make your weapon as comfortable, accurate and safe as possible for you while shooting at your intended target.  Our firearm parts and accessories for various handguns, rifles and sub-machine guns are for all types of shooting purposes whether for military and law enforcement, recreational shooters or others.  All of our products, whether from military surplus or brand new, are only high quality products from the leading brands assuring you a product that is made to function as best as possible.

Here is just a taste of what we offer in terms of firearm parts and accessories:

  • Folding and static buttstocks for AR-15 type weapons and others.
  • Pistol grips, foregrips for assault rifles and sub-machineguns, and various bipods.
  • Sniper scopes
  • Pistol to carbine conversion kits.
  • Various holsters for guns and magazines.
  • A wide variety of weapon parts for upgrading your handgun or rifle.

Contact us and we will be glad to supply you with the best products we can offer.

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