soldier with combat gear

Contact International offers a full range of personal equipment and combat gear for military units, homeland security and law enforcement agencies as well as to army-navy stores and gun shops.  The personal equipment and tactical gear and accessories that we provide are: helmets, combat vests and armored plates, elbow and knee pads, uniforms, gas masks, anti-riot protective gear, holsters, combat boots and shoes, eye protection goggles, gloves, backpacks and various hard and soft cases and much more.  We carry almost all combat gear and personal equipment that a soldier or police man needs or even for sportsmen and outdoorsmen that need rugged and dependable equipment for any weather condition or terrain.   Most of our combat gear and personal military equipment is from military surplus, mainly Israeli military surplus equipment but also from US military surplus and some other Westerm militaries.  The equipment that you may purchase from us can either be from surplus or newly manufactured according to your specifications and needs.

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