Carl Gustav M2 Recoilless Rifle Spare Parts

The Carl Gustaf recoiless rifle AKA Gustaf Bazooka and M2CG, is an 84 mm man-portable reusable anti-tank recoilless rifle produced by Saab Bofors Dynamics (formerly Bofors Anti-Armour AB) in Sweden. Although most rounds fired by the Carl Gustaf work on the classic recoilless principle, modern rounds sometimes add a post-firing booster that technically make it a rocket launcher.  The Carl Gustaf M2 model spare parts that we have available for sale are from Israeli military surplus.  The Israeli navy was the main user of this weapon, usually for illumination purposes firing the FFV545 illuminating star shell, fired up to 2,300 m maximum range, but with an effective envelope of 300 to 2,100 m. Suspended by parachute, the star shell burns for 30 seconds while producing 650,000 candela, providing a 400 to 500 m diameter area of illumination.


  • Calibre: 84 mm rifled (24 lands, progressive twist)[14]
  • Crew: 2 optimal, 1 minimal
  • Weights: 14.2 kg (M2); 8.5 kg (M3); 0.8 kg (mount); 7.0 kg (M4)
  • Length: 1.13m (M2); 1.07m (M3); 1.0m (M4)
  • Breech: Hinged
  • Rate of fire: 6 rounds per minute
  • Sights: Iron sights, optical 3×, laser rangefinder, image intensification system

The spare parts available include tubes or barrels, handles and grips, bipods, screws, brackets, springs, sights, and many more.

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