Romanian AKM Model 63 and 65

The Romanian AKM Model 63 and 65, Pistol Mitralieră model 1963 (abbreviated PM md. 63 or simply md. 63) is a Romanian made AKM assault rifle in 7.62×39mm.  The Romanian AKM Mod 63 is a fixed wood stock version and the Romanian AKM Mod 65 is the folding stock version.

Following orders from the USSR’s military commanders to each of the Warsaw pact’s members to produce their own local version of the AK47, the Romanians developed an AKM featuring a forward-pointing front handgrip molded into the lower handguard for both the wood stock model 63 version and folding stock model 65 version, making it the only AK47 clone to have it and make the Romanian AK one of the most recognizable.

We have available for immediate sale military surplus Romanian AKM and AKMS in very good condition and above, mostly with a complete kit that includes magazines, magazine pouch, cleaning kit and bayonet while supplies last.  These Romanian AKs model 63 and 65 are also available for parts kits.

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