Military surplus by definition are goods that are sold or otherwise disposed by the ministry of defense or another governmental institution when no longer needed by the military for many reasons such as technologically old, not suited for today’s battlefield, too expensive to operate, manufacture or maintain and more. military tactical gear and firearmsMilitary surplus for sale is sometimes referred to as army surplus or government surplus.  Military surplus is most commonly known to the public as products that are sold in Army-Navy stores but the businesses that purchase these items are traders or agents between the ministry of defense and the end-user or client.  The products that are traded are military clothing and uniforms, tactical equipment such as combat vests, helmets, ammunition, firearms and weapon systems, tanks and armored vehicles, aircraft such as helicopters and fighter jets, boats and ships, radar systems, missiles and much more.  All may be sold but according to certain parameters, requirements and limitations that have to do with the use that will be made, the country in which the product will be sold to, the buyer himself and local and international laws.

Customers for military surplus are usually military units, homeland security and law enforcement agencies, army-navy stores, shooting enthusiasts, survivalists and people who love camping and hunting, gun collectors and other military equipment, and also many movie studios who want their actors to wear and shoot with real military gear.

Contact International Ltd. deals mainly with military surplus firearms, military surplus personal tactical gear as well as ammunition and more.  We buy and sell these products to our clients worldwide in very competitive and sometimes very cheap prices.  Our years of experience in the process of obtaining the various permits, end-user agreements and trustworthy and safe shipping have made us known for providing a full service company from start to finish and beyond.

The selection of handguns, pistols, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns, anti-tank shoulder fired missiles, ammunition and other weapons that we either have in stock or can get for you is huge.  We can provide these weapons either as completely new or used, typically in very good condition.

Since we are buyers and sellers to wholesalers and retailers, we are always looking to expand our business connections so that we may offer our loyal clients the best products for their various needs.

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