In our previous article about the subject of military surplus gear and equipment for sale titled: military surplus for sale, the emphasis was about the definition of what is military surplus, what equipment and gear it includes and who are the clients of such items.  This article will be mostly about the many military surplus gear and military surplus equipment that we usually carry in our inventory, our best sellers and some more information about us.

Most of our military surplus gear is from IDF surplus.  We deal mainly with Israeli military equipment such as firearms, ammunition, personal gear such as combat vests, pouches, knee and elbow pads, helmets, gun slings, Israeli gas masks and so on.  Most of the military gear is in very good condition since we need to sell it.  As one of the oldest operating military surplus companies in Israel we have strong and loyal connections to military and police personal in charge of logistics and weapons, ensuring that our clients get the best picked items.

Our clients span the globe, from military and police units, army-navy stores and gun shops, gun and militaria collectors, movie armorers and weapon specialists that are in charge of armoring actors with the best suited firearms for the movie.  We do not deal with private clients since many permits and licenses are needed to import firearms and other military equipment into a country, permits that only approved businesses have.  Our best sellers are Israeli made firearms such as the famous Uzi sub-machine gun, the popular Tavor assault rifle, the rugged Galil, the Negev mini-machine gun, and the dependable Jericho pistol.  These Israeli military grade weapons are popular all over the world since they are not only dependable but are all battle proven in combat.
In addition to the Israeli firearms that we have we also have in stock RPG-7’s in great condition with their optics, M14 sniper rifles, camouflage nets, and a wide variety of handguns from the leading world manufacturers including some rare pistols.

In addition to military surplus firearms we also deal with military surplus armored vehicles, aircraft and artillery pieces.  We currently have combat ready condition APC’s, M-71 and 25 pounder field howitzers.  You can view photos of these items in our inventory and media category.  These are also great pieces for military museums or private collectors.

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