AK47 with folding stock from military surplus
AK47’s with folding stock from military surplus

Military surplus are equipment and goods that are disposed of by armies when no longer needed by the military, either because they are out dated due to new technology that has entered into service, or have malfunctioned or worn out condition.  Both military and police units sell their surplus in auctions held either for the public or for licensed dealers of military and police equipment, firearms, ammunition and tactical gear.  These dealers later sell these products to wholesalers and distributors which later sell them to Army Navy stores.  Dealers may also sell the products to other militaries around the world who want to equip their soldiers with used products that still work instead of buying new equipment.

Military surplus equipment encompasses a wide range of products that includes surplus firearms and ammunition, uniforms and other articles of clothing, tactical gear such as helmets, ballistic vests and other protective gear, equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, packs, camouflage nets, ammo boxes, and up to armored vehicles, tanks, trucks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, fighter jets and aircraft spare parts.  Every single type and piece of equipment from military or police surplus probably has a buyer since eventually military surplus for sale will always be available. 

Demand for military surplus items comes from other militaries, army surplus stores such as what are referred to as Army-Navy stores, collectors, gun shops and gun dealers, survivalists, hunters and outdoors-men, campers, shooting enthusiasts, and players of air soft and paintball guns.  All of these markets seek usable military surplus equipment for their business or personal needs.

Our company Contact International Ltd. has been providing its clients with high quality military surplus for over 36 years.  We specialize in military surplus guns and other firearms, ammunition and military surplus gear such as sniper scopes, helmets, ballistic vests, armored plates and weapon accessories.  We can provide both surplus used as well as newly manufactured items.  Most of our products are from our own inventory which consists usually of products from the Israeli military surplus as well as Israel Ministry of Defense surplus.