AK47 surplus for saleSince our establishment in 1979 Contact International Ltd. has been a leading exporter of mainly Israeli military surplus arms, ammunition and various equipment to clients around the world.  Our business and personal connections to key figures in the Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Defense Forces, Israel National Police and other defense and security bodies and industries, have allowed us to be a few steps ahead in knowing what is available for arms procurement as well as other types of equipment.  Our knowledge of current military surplus inventory and stocks, whether firearms and ammunition or armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft and spare parts, have made us a focal point for companies who wish to purchase Israeli military and police surplus items.  Being a licensed Israeli arms dealing company, we have our own large inventory of Israeli made weapons such as: Uzi, Galil, Tavor, Jericho and Bul pistols and more.  These are usually sold as complete weapons or as parts kits.

Our arms procurement services are a complementary addition to our sales from our own inventory.  If you are searching for military arms that we currently do not have in inventory we know where to find what you are looking for.  Whether searching for AK47 type weapons, Russian type machine guns and ammunition calibers, tanks, helicopters, armament, military surplus equipment as well as new, we have all of the business connections in order to provide you with a solution.  In addition we can provide you with highly experienced professionals for inspections of the goods before you purchase them so that you can be sure that what we supply you is only the best there is.  We can also take care of logistics and import/export paperwork for you so that your goods will arrive in ease and safety to their destination.

We provide arms procurement services for US Department of Defense contractors, maritime security companies, gun importers, wholesalers and distributors, militaries and police units, as well as for private gun collectors looking for that special something.

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