Contact International Ltd. provides military surplus airforce spare parts and complete platforms of planes and helicopters, from modern to obsolete and hard to find.  The airforce surplus platforms of the spare parts that are available for sale are listed below.

Please note that we are wholesalers dealing in bulk orders only of at least $50,000.



Bell 212 Twin Huey Spare Parts (Anafa)

Bell AH-1 COBRA helicopter (Tzefa)

A-4 Skyhawk Spare Parts (Ayt)

Fouga CM-170 Magister Aircraft Spare Parts (IAI Tzukit)

F-16 Fighting Falcon A+B Spare Parts (Netz)

F-16 Fighting Falcon C+D Spare Parts (Barak 1)

F-16 Fighting Falcon Spare Parts (Netz)

F-16I Fighting Falcon Spare Parts (Sufa)

IAI Kfir Spare Parts

C-130 Hercules Spare Parts (Karnaf)

F-4 Phantom Spare Parts (Kornes)

F-15 Eagle Spare Parts (Buz)

F-15I Spare Parts (Ra’am)

Sikorsky CH-53 Spare Parts (Yasur)

Click here for some photos of available aircraft the we have sold in the past: surplus aircraft and spare parts


To inquire about the purchase of spare parts from Israeli Air Force surplus please read our terms and conditions before contacting us.  Purchase is open to military and civilian aircraft industry clients.  End user certificate must be signed as well as documentation from your local authorities permitting you to deal with military aircraft spare parts.

Please note: Getting price quotes for airforce surplus takes time, as well as receiving import licenses and in some cases re-export licenses from the US State Department if US made.

Please note that we are wholesalers dealing in bulk orders only of at least $50,000.