The Uzi Pistol is a semi-automatic, closed bolt, and blowback-operated pistol variant of the Micro Uzi.  The Uzi pistol is a was developed during early 1980’s and intended for security agencies and civilian shooters who wanted a high capacity semi-automatic pistol.  The Uzi pistol has a single action trigger and utilizes an internal sliding striker (firing pin), manual safety of sliding type, and is located above the grip on the left side of the gun. Magazines are of double stack design, interchangeable with other guns of Uzi family in 9mm caliber.


  • Barrel length: 11.5 cm (4.5 inches).
  • Magazine capacity: 20, 25, 32 Rounds.
  • Blowback operation.
  • Modes of operation: Single Action Semi-Automatic.
  • Integral picatinny rail mount on the receiver cover.
  • Additional rail for mounting electro-optic or laser pointing devices under the barrel.