The Micro Galil or MAR (Micro Assault Rifle) is a reduced-size version of the Galil SAR (706 mm stock extended / 465 mm folded), weighing 2.98 kg empty. Compared to the original carbine, the MAR has a shortened barrel (210 mm), receiver, piston, gas tube and foregrip.  Approximate rate of fire is the same as the rest of the Galils since the firing mechanism is the same, only the muzzle velocity is lower due to the shorter barrel.  It is also 100% Interchangeable with the different models of the Galil rifle reducing the overall cost of the system for maintenance.  The safety switch and fire selector (located on both sides of the receiver) has four settings (in the more modern version): “S”: weapon is safe, “A”: automatic fire, “B”: 3-round burst, “R”: semi-automatic mode. The barrel has a multi-function muzzle device.

Ammunition: 5.56 X 45mm – NATO (M855(SS109)/M193)
Feed: 35 Rd. magazine
Barrel rifling: 6 R.H. grooves, 1:7” twist
Weight (Kg) – Weight (w/o magazine) 2.98 Kg
Length (mm)
Length (Extended): 706 mm
Length (Folded): 465 mm
Barrel Length: 212 mm
Firing Characteristics
Muzzle velocity (approx.): 710 (m/sec)
Rate of fire (approx.): 630-750 rds/min
Sights (front) Post
Sights (rear) Aperture L – flip set for 300 & 500 m
Night sights (optional) Folded, tritium



Micro Galil in action in an IDF shooting range: