We currently carry a new line of replica guns for use in movies, theater, television, and also for self defense courses and training, simulations and wherever a replica gun is needed.  Replica guns are real looking guns, in this case made of specially molded plastic, with no moving components except the trigger and the loading mechanism of the magazine that can be released and loaded, the buttstock and the sights.  Replica guns are also referred to as prop guns since they are basically very realistic looking toy guns that are used in movies whenever demiled guns or a blank firing guns are not safe for use since it shoots real blanks and is considered a real weapon.

Our line of replica guns is made based on a variety of popular weapons such as: M4 flat top, MP5, AK47, M16, Jericho pistols and other handguns as well as knives.  All are as real as can get as you can see in the photos.  These are perfect for production companies, movie armorers, weapons specialists and stuntmen who don’t want or can’t deal with importing firearms and all of the licenses and regulations involved