Zastava M76 sniper rifles available for sale either as complete rifles or as M76 parts kits for the US market.  About 1300+ are now available for sale.  Some are with the original optics.

The M76 semi-automatic sniper rifle was developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms of the former Yugoslavia.  Since its introduction to the Yugoslavian military in the mid 1970’s it has become the standard issue sharpshooter rifle in the Serbian army.  It is designed to fulfill the same role as the Soviet Dragunov SVD, which is to provide a designated marksman capability to the infantry platoon, but rather than being a Dragunov clone, it looks more like a lengthened AK-47 with a heavier barrel, a separate stock and pistol grip rather than the Dragunov’s thumbhole combination stock. Instead of the Dragunov’s 7.62×54mmR caliber it uses the 7.92×57mm Mauser a.k.a. the 7.9mm or 8×57mm IS round.

M76 Zastava semi-auto sniper rifles in very good to excellent condition with a 10 round magazine.  PSO scopes are also available for sale with it.  This M76 rifles are very hard to come by in this condition.

For sale to businesses only.  No sale to individuals.