Military Surplus Gun Parts

Contact International Ltd. has been a worldwide provider of military surplus gun parts for hard to find and sometimes obsolete gun parts and accessories such as magazines for various firearms, barrels, bipods, folding and wooden butt stocks, scopes and other optics, magazine pouches as well as smaller gun parts such as nuts, bolts, springs, firing pins and so on.  Our specialty are surplus gun parts for Uzi, Galil, Tavor and other Israeli made or used firearms.

  1. FN FAL receivers
  2. Galil spare parts
  3. Mauser rifle cleaning brushes and kits
  4. RPD drums
  5. M16A1 buttstocks
  6. M16A1 triangle handguard cap
  7. M16A1 handguard slip ring
  8. Breda light machine gun magazines
  9. Bren light machine gun magazines
  10. Dror light machine gun magazines
  11. DP machine gun pan magazines
  12. M16 rifle magazines
  13. Uzi sub-machine gun magazines
  14. Uzi Pro magazines
  15. Galil assault rifle magazines
  16. AK47 assault rifle magazines
  17. Glock 17/19 compatible 9mm magazines
  18. FN M1949 rifle magazines
  19. H&K G3 rifle magazines
  20. H&K G36 and 416 rifle parts. Brand new.
  21. Carl Gustav SMG magazines
  22. Carl Gustav M2 Recoilless Rifle spare parts
  23. VZ52 rifle magazines
  24. M1919 30 Cal handles
  25. Breda light machine gun 6.5mm recoil springs
  26. Breda light machine gun 6.5mm barrels
  27. Breda light machine gun 6.5mm bolt without firing pin
  28. Breda light machine gun 8mm barrels
  29. Inert/training tank rounds, rifle grenades, land mines and other ammunition.
  30. Various M1919 Browning (0.30 caliber) machine gun spare parts.

In addition we have a variety of nuts, bolts, springs, butt stocks and other gun parts for Uzi and Galil in various models.


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